Nitro was founded by Thomas Delago and Sepp Ardelt in Seattle, Washington, in 1990, and is the pioneer of many of today´s industry standards. Nitro is currently a global family-oriented company based in Oberammergau, Germany, that believes that people are the most important part in all aspects of snowboarding, and is one of the original snowboarder owned brands that continues to innovate, inspire and, improve how people experience the outdoors through snowboarding. The main goal besides creating products that give people the best experience on the mountain is to support the people and the snowboarding communities around the world who have and continue to make snowboarding what it is today. Find more about Nitro here.

“And finally: It’s about you, our customer. Every time you get out there to ride, we feel proud if we can contribute a part of your gear to make your snowboarding experience more fun. And we take this responsibility seriously, as we value every snowboarder out there, whatever her or his style or level might be.

After all, it’s about people.” – Thomas Delago (Nitro Founder)

With that quote alone you can see that Nitro is the perfect partner for us, as every single Powderchase wouldn’t be the same without you! Therefore we are more than happy to supply our Snowboarders with the best powder boards out there to test and fall in love with.


Nitro Fusion Snowboard


The Fusion is a classic all-mountain shaped direction snowboard that has become a staple in the Quiver Series and in the Nitro team riders quiver, because of its versatile directional shape and flex for riding pow and ripping up the park in style. The most versatile freestyle shaped Quiver deck.

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Nitro Cannon Snowboard


The Cannon has become one of the most famous snowboards over the last few seasons thanks to Bryan Fox, and the rest of the Nitro Pro team ripping this gun all over the world in halfpipe contests (Markus Keller), to the steeps in AK, to Zeb Powell charging summer park laps.

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Nitro Banker Snowboard


It´s time to clear your shelf because the Banker was engineered to bring home some serious speed. The Quiver Banker Snowboard was specifically designed to go fast in and out of banked slaloms, groomers, and pow fields no matter what mountain range you find yourself racing in.

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