Get to know the team that makes your powder dream possible! We are all either passionate skiers or snowboarders with the same goal – to chase Powder, but most importantly:

To make your life as easy as possible. You don’t know what we mean or what a tailguide is actually doing? Then watch this video and be amazed…..



Planks Skis
Favourite Terrain Steep Shoots & Couloirs
Short Description Next to being on the search for the steepest & narrowest couloirs, Ricarda is the head of Powderchase. Thanks to her connections in the industry and passion for powder – she always finds the best destinations and organizes everything. As a mother of 3 great kids and doing what she does, she is the definition of a true “badass” Mom!

nick-Powderchase Team


Planks Skis
Favourite Terrain As playful as it can get… as long as there is something to jump over!

Short Description Nick is the next Powderchase Generation. He´s not only charming but also levels out the Powderchase Backoffice by being relaxed! And when it come´s down to skiing this is the guy to head off with! He does not only know how to ski but also how to jump in style. And if you ever want to drive along in his chic BMW X1 – take along some good music!


Planks Skis
Favourite Terrain Anything – but he loves the adrenaline while riding!
Short Description Mr. Powderchase! Bas initiated and created Powderchase many years ago as a business model in order to avoid private trouble with his former wife who didn’t like his private skiing and snowboarding trips. Bas loves riding – skis, snowboard or bikes. If you meet him: ask him about his 24 hour bike ride on Christmas day!

martin-Powderchase Team


Planks Skis
Favourite Terrain Treeruns, wide slopes… really anything
Short Description Martin is a real double talent when it comes to riding in snow! He uses his skis as good as his snowboard. Due to his work in sports industry, Martin is the guy to talk to when it comes down to any material or technical issue. And if you want someone to experience a very direct answer to any question – this is you man!

andrea-Powderchase Team


Planks Skis, Skis, Skis!
Favourite Terrain Any terrain – and it can be technical!
Short Description Andreas Legs are really tough! She is an awesome skier and looks good in ANY terrain. Even Bruchharsch won’t do her any harm. Andrea used to work for a ski brand and is a really good interviewpartner if you have any kind of material questions. And next to that – it just never gets boring with her!

sophie-Powderchase Team


Planks Skis
Favourite Terrain Any terrain!
Short Description Sophie is our young gun! She is not only smart, pretty and an absolute talent in creating and organising (she is Ricarda´s office right hand since two years). She always has a smile on her face and loves to head out with a group of likeminded skiers!

july-Powderchase Team


Planks Snowboard
Favourite Terrain Woods and biiiig slopes
Short Description July is our other young gun -in contrast to Sophie as a snowboarder though! July is a very hospitable guy, loves to be outdoor (even if kicking a soccer ball!) and has a great sense of humor.  If you need a relaxed and funny but never boring moment – THIS is the guy to talk to!

arno-Powderchase Team


Planks Snowboard
Favourite Terrain Big and wide slopes
Short Description Arno loves adrenaline sports and wodka lemon! He started snowboarding in the 90ies and tried to convince all the skiing “traitors” to keep up with one board. But now that he´s getting older he also rides on two planks once in a while ☺. During the week Arno works for a Bavarian car company and takes care of his wife and his three sons!


Planks Skis
Favourite Terrain Pillow Lines
Short Description This handsome devil is not only good looking, but also a crazy good skier and probably one of the nicest guys you can meet. He is a true nature talent when it comes to any sorts of sports. In summer he usually surfs, which is also his inspiration for his skiing style. Besides being a true sporty, Timo is a kind of digital nomad, travelling the world and helping out everybody in need for some SEO on the go.

anna-Powderchase Team


Planks Skis
Favourite Terrain Tree Skiing
Short Description Seeing Anna for the first time you might think of a shy, pretty blondie, but you will be proved very different. Anna is a badass skier and in summer big into downhill biking. She is not afraid of anything and definitely has a quick tongue. If you are looking for the funniest chair rides – you should team up with Anna!

magda-Powderchase Team


Planks Skis! What else?!
Favourite Terrain Everything – from steep couloirs to powder forests
Short Description Magdalena is best described as winterlover, mountain goat and adventure seeker. She loves to ski unknown and exotic countries and still has a lot of them on her bucket list. Other than that she is a passionate yogi. Her mantra: „Energy flows, where attention goes”.


Planks Multi diversified
Favourite Terrain Pillows of course!
Short Description Rudi is one of most relaxing guys we´ve even gotten to know. At the same time he is the incarnation of our (so important)  Powderchase group spirit. Beeing caring and easy going is just as important for him as being kinky and making everyone laugh! So if you´re ever worn out after a day of riding – go find some comfort with Rudi!


What would a Powderchase be like without our UIAGM certified Mountain Guides. They know the best lines and keep us safe!  Some of them have been around for many years and are part of the Powderchase family!


Planks Skis
Favorite Terrain Anything as long as it’s good skiing
Short Description Julian is a UIAGM certified mountain guide, as well as a pro photographer for the outdoor industry. He likes to take advantage of the good powder days as they really deserve it. Skiing in good company, with the right mood and in harmony with nature. That’s what it’s all about…


Planks Skis (what else?)
Favorite Terrain Anything from steep couloirs to smooth tree skiing.
Short description Valentin is based in Rosenheim and his favorite playgrounds are the home mountains of Bavaria and north Tyrol. But he also loves to travel and find new powder lines everywhere in the alps. His ingredients for a perfect powder day? – Good friends, fresh snow, enough bad jokes and a lot of fun together!

On bad weather days, you find me in my own cabinet maker workshop, designing and producing wooden furniture.


Planks Skis
Favorite Terrain Cortina d’Ampezzo
Short Description Alberto always follows what the seasons have to offer. When the snow covers the mountain,  skiing is the ONE thing he love to do. Based in the Dolomites, very close to Cortina d’Ampezzo, Alberto loves skiing around the Sella massif where he knows almost every corner, and chute. Ask him to chase some nice and deep turns with some skins effort will make him even happier.


Planks Skis
Favorite Terrain Everything that comes down frozen from above, in a steep terrain.

Short Description Christian works as a UIGAM certified Mountain Guide all year round and is located in one of our favorite spots Warth Schröcken




Planks Skis
Favorite Terrain Technical demanding tree runs and wide untracked faces
Short Description

With Klaus you immediately get the feeling that snow is his favourite element. Out of this passion for nature, sport and mountains he made a profession. In addition to a high degree of professionalism, knowledge and fun, Klaus always attaches a great importance of safety. When he is not on tour with you guys (with his clients), he collects all kind of wood and creates unique furniture, lamps and tables. Else he is being a proud dad, taking care of his little daughter.


Planks Skis
Favorite Terrain Far away from flat

Short Description Guido is a all-mountain addict, UIAGM-Ski & mountain guide – plus, he’s a double dad. And take care – if you’re out there with Guido its rocknroll!



michi-Powderchase Team


Planks Skis
Favorite Terrain Definitely Couloirs. But any terrain can be as good in case there is POWDER.
Short Description
Michi is a certified mountain guide, works for the german outdoor brand Deuter as well as being an instructor for the german mountain guide courses. He has a distinctive sense for good weather. Some call it luck, some call it magic, but even Patagonian skies cleared up for nearly one month when he’s been there for a climbing trip. Lets hope that these written words do not disturb this mystery 😉