We find ourselves in the middle of our lives, juggling family, friends and work. There are plenty of challenges to face, with new ones cropping up all the time. But being in the great outdoors allows us to renew our energy, gain inspiration and recharge our batteries.

Our Ich bin raus. slogan perfectly sums up this attitude to life in just three words. For us, it’s not about devoting ourselves to competitive sports. We just want to experience the great outdoors without any pressure, alongside our friends rather than against them, and the ideal clothing has its own role to play in this experience.

Opening up new horizons – that’s exactly what Schöffel does with Powderchase!  What unifies both is the joy of being outdoors, of ambitious but not dogged skiing and of being together with like-minded people. And not only Schöffel is thrilled – we are also looking forward to a close partnership and the new Schöffel – La Grave Freeride collection!

The Schöffel Freeride Jacket of our choice

This fantastic outfit is named after the freeride Mecca La Grave in the French Alps, which has reached legendary status amongst powder addicts. As we have already been here on a Powderchase and had an insane trip, it was quite obvious which outfit we have to choose.

This Freeride jacket and pant are just as versatile as the mountain resort that shares their name, ready to face any surprises that the Alps have to offer.

Freeride Jacket from Schoeffel in deep powder action

Skitouring with Schöffel

The first kick is powerful and the last one to the summit feels strong too. The ski touring collection from Schöffel offers a strong product combination that provides optimum support for passionate mountain enthusiasts and ski tourers. The perfect combination of lightness, wearing comfort and performance ensures that the most beautiful days of the winter remain as precious memories.