What a winter! Little snow and very warm temperatures at the beginning of March. When I load the car in the south of Munich, I’m wearing a long-sleeved shirt. Short-sleeved would have been possible without further ado.
Our goal this weekend: the Disentis region. Steep couloirs, alpine terrain transitions, winter via ferratas – the terrain of the Surselva in the Swiss canton of Graubünden is perfect for a few adrenalin-intensive days of skiing.

The goal of the first day: the Oberalpstock and the descent into the Maderanertal. In order to minimize the high temperatures and the associated safety concerns, we start very early. The mountain railways take us up to almost 2800m where right at the beginning of the tour, at a rocky col, a couple of wire hangers are waiting for us: Exactly our thing. After a few meters downhill we reach the Brunnifirn, on whose glacier slopes the main part of the 700 hm in total has to be mastered. Once at the top, we see the descent into the Maderanertal that is now ahead of us. It is almost 2500 hm. Wide slopes, narrow gullies, wooded passages and at the end another very exotic alpine challenge. When we arrive in Bristen around 4:00 p.m. we are happy and tired. Fortunately, the Swiss local transport network is well developed and you can return to the starting point by bus and train.

On the second day we use every possible lift support to get just below the Piz Ault. From there it only takes a few minutes to a rock gap that opens up a view of the Val Strem. Due to the lack of snow, the rope of our mountain guides Michi and Julian Bückers is used here and they let us down to a safe belay. What follows is a treat: a steep gully that opens up into a flat valley floor. It is grippy at the top, fiery at the bottom. What more do you want!? After a rock fall in 2016, the leading Val Strem is closed. If you don’t want to drive it, you have to take the approx. 1-hour detour via Alp Caschlé.

When we are on our way home in our T-shirts on Sunday afternoon, we are all grinning: Experience adventures in the mountains with a few like-minded people. This is definitely one of the most beautiful activities in the world!