Völkl has been focused on ski production for over 90 years. This passionate winter sports brand is the sole member of its industry to design and produce its products in Germany. Völkl’s main factory in Straubing is among the most modern ski production facilities in the world and delivers in full on the technology and quality promise behind the “Made in Germany” label. The team of design engineers, ski constructors, product managers and athletes has positioned Völkl among the very high end of ski makers. To achieve its goal of making optimal equipment for skiers the world over, Völkl works closely with its partners Marker and Dalbello. Marker develops and produces ski bindings, helmets, ski goggles and protectors, while Dalbello is focused entirely on the development and production of ski boots.

Völkl enables the Powderchase tribe to kick down some deep powder slopes on the best ski material there is. These are the planks you’ll be amazed by on our Powderchase trips:

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Freerider skiing Powder

Völkl Freeride Ski Blaze 106

Blaze Series

Völkl´s new freeriding weapon. The introduction of the Mantra marked the beginning of Völkl’s powerful freeriding ski lines. For those who want to ride free without any restrictions but with the full control of a sportive off-piste ski. The new Blaze series even adds another dimension to the idea. The concept of the ski targets the intuitive freerider who appreciates a playful and at the same time agile and sportive maneouverability. At 106 mm under the binding Blaze 106 weighs only 1830 g (@ 186 length), providing all the lift to make every powder day a dream come true.

Völkl Freeride Freestyle Ski Revolt 104

Revolt 104

A freestyle ski designed for everyday use on the slopes or in the park.Here comes the next cooperation between head engineeer Lucas Romain and the Völkl freestyle pro team . Again hours, days and months of testing preceded the creation of the final design. Covered in mythical creatures and spirit animals comes this tip & tail rocker ski with Full Sidewall, 3D Radius Sidecut and a durable P-Tex 2100 base.

Völkl Freerideski BMT 109

BMT 109

The perfect freetouring set up. A dream- come-true in every backcountry environment. With a full carbon construction and lightweight multi-layer woodcore, it features full rocker and an early-taper sidecut, for true big mountain versatility after a self-powered ascent. It also features the added advantage of the ICE.OFF topsheet, designed to keep snow and ice from adhering to the topsheet to keep the lightest possible setup. Also available are pre-cut, climbing skins.