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January 18, 2018


2m of fresh powder in 2 days – sounds good for a perfect powder chase!

Unfortunately the avalanche situation was a 5 and the valley, we wanted to go, was closed. So, we had to cancel the Slowderchase and asked all the other Powderchaser, if they are committed to go on the other side of the Alpes and will be patient about going off-piste due to the potential danger.
Almost everybody joined the show and they opened the streets just in time  to Gressoney-la-Trinite in Aosta-valley. Most of the lifts were closed until Wednesday, so only freshies for us!
All 3 groups went up with the first gondola on Passo Salati on 2.971m and we took all the low hanging fruits first before we did some little hiking to find some more of this perfect pow.
The lifts from Alagna were still closed and were promised to be open on Saturday. The tracks down looked so inspiring, that one group even thought to go down the 1.800m descend before everybody else and taking a taxi back home to Gressoney. 3 hours of driving and 360€ was too much at the end, so we saved it for the next day :-).
At least we had a similar feeling at the Pizzeria for dinner, where we had to wait to order something for minimum 1 hour. It still couldn’t stop us from having a great night recapturing all our runs. The plan for Saturday was quiet easy: be the first ones in the gondola all the way up to Punta Indren, but with mixed groups: one group equipped with skins, the second one being prepared to walk up with snow shoes and the third one, who wanted to ride down the most altitudes.
On Sunday, it was cool down day, either hiking up on new routes, or repeat the best runs, or find some steep and deep terrain, or just travelled home without a rush. What I forgot to mention: blue sky, rose mountains and -10° for all 3 days!
Perfect conditions, which definitely counterbalanced the long trip!