Warth Schröcken January 2023

Category : Allgemein

Powderchasing in the beginning of January 2023 is more of a treasure hunt. No snow what so ever in the alps. Warm temperatures of Christmas with rain up to 2500.

But just in time there is a bit of snow in the forecast.
We chose a north facing resort with runs for good but also poor visibility. One of our all time favorites: Warth Schröcken.

On our warm up day we were quite surprised. Of course there is extremely little snow around, but with some luck we found quite a few runs were the wind had blown the snow into. A good way to start the season!
On the two guided days again we were very lucky. Of course the local guides – especially well known ski gun “Marco” knows every centimeter and where to go. But then even the weathered was very generous with more freshies and the sun until Sunday midday. Our last run on Sunday down to Lech was quite an adventure……!

Looking forward to more of these….