January II – 2022

Category : Allgemein

FINALLY! Snow in the forecast. And lots of it.

Due to the fact that the snow was coming in from the northeast we decided to head to Fieberbrunn. An area with lost of possibilities – even with snow and storm…

On warm up day we were all surprised by HOW much freshies there were on the mountain. 40 – 50 cm….sometimes however on a crusty fundament. But it was good enough to enjoy!! With sounds of delightment we spent the whole day at Reckmoos Gondola, finding new tracks.

On Saturday there was even more snow, but unfortunately also more wind. Our local mountain guides made the best of it and found us beautiful fields and tree runs.

The best day to come was Sunday. The sky cleared up after 3 days of pretty massive precipitation – a JOKER of a day with smiles all over the place. Low hanging fruits were harvested until the legs were burning and everbody drove home with the well – known satisfaction after a weekend of Powderchasing!