Saalbach – Hinterglemm
January III – 2022

Category : Allgemein

The decision to give it a GO not only took long but also needed quite a lot of courage. The weather forecast was a bit of a gamble but believing in it we started our trip to Saalbach.


On Thursday evening upon arrival the picture wasn´t exactly what we call optimistic – the south facing slopes already a bit green and the north side with only that little bit of snow that came down the week before.

Buuuut….when we woke up the next morning it was snowing heavely and the wind was strong.  Even though some of the lifts were closed our warm up day was full of low hanging fruit – about 30 cm of freshies just next to the piste and on classical ski route terrain!

Oh man – we had fun! So much fun that the body tension couldn´t be kept due to all the laughing while riding! With a big grin on our face we slept early looking forward to the guided day on Saturday.

And that Saturday was one of those big days. The sun came out, fresh snow, little people and run after run with no tracks and easy exists. Our mountain guides kept on going until we ended our day with burning legs in the late afternoon.


The fact that we were a bit unlucks on Sunday didn´t change the fact that this was a great weekend. The storm came in earlier than we expected and with closed lifts we decided to do a saftety day. The three groups went into some deeper avalanche training and at the end of the day everybody admitted that this had been a very necessary update.

What a weekend. What a great bunch of people! Thanks for being along.