February & September 2017

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September 20, 2017

Since we already had an “alternative” Powderchase on the last trip, everybody was praying for more snow to come until this Powderchase. But the winter until then still was very shy and reserved with delivering the aspired amounts of snow, at least in our traditional regions and we already thought about cancelling the trip.

BUT one spot got all the goods for the weekend and even if it meant a longer tour with a lot of more organizational hazards, we couldn’t hold back our drive for powder and simply “went for it”.

It was the traditional – and every Freeriders “must do once in your lifetime” – location, Chamonix.

Since this location entailed a longer journey, as well as quite difficult to spot good & safe runs without knowledge due to its high alpine nature, we organized three days of guiding with our local friends and guides Francis, Carlo and Kim.

On Friday, the groups took on various tours at Agui du Midi and experienced already the difference of riding high alpine resorts including stunning mountain views.

On Saturday, everybody went over to the Italian side to Courmayeur where we did the famous “vallée blanche”. It again included spectacular views, an adventurous entrance and finally a very nice run through impressive crevasses.

Saturday evening we had typical French cheese dinner and special guest and pro Freerider Sandra Lahnsteiner joining us. Next to nice chats and the discussion with the guides what to do for a great final Sunday, the dinner was absolute prime! (These frenchies know their cheese…)

Sunday was then the day to make this weekend an even more unforgettable one. The weather turned out great, our guides found untracked runs and these views simply didn’t stop to amaze us!

With great smiles all around we can confirm that it is true what they say about Chamonix – a mystical place where every Freerider should have been to at least once. Thanks for everybody making this trip another unforgettable experience.