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Powderchase February 13.2. – 16.2.2020

A really difficult winter! And again the decision was tricky since the weather forecasts changed frequently.

We were looking for a north west “Stau region”, up high enough to have it snow and not rain. We were gambling between Andermatt and Warth.

Since the sight was supposed to be bad on Friday and Sunday, we ended up deciding for Warth. In Warth there are several runs with Latschen and Liftpoles, making it a lot easier to find nice lines even in snowy condition!

And……it was the right decision!

Snowboarder Powder Dream


On Friday everybody played on about 20 cm of POW in the Warth/Schröcken area. One of our participants was so stoked to finally be out in the pow, that he fell into a small creek…..and was soaked completely. Never thinking about giving up, he went home, put on his spare boots and trousers and met the other guys a few hours later to continue the Powderchase. That’s true commitment, we love to see – (yes Oli! 🙂 )!

Freeriding and snorkeling through Powder

Crossing rivers to get lines

On Saturday, all groups searched for untracked runs with the help of our certified mountain guides. One highlight was the run from the 2.300m Mohnensattel down to Schroecken (1.300m). After filling up with proper „Würste“ and drinks, listening to some (very random tyrolean music), we caught the bus back to Warth and finished the day with some nice lines through the lower forest of Warth.

Ski Powder in Warth with Powderchase

Saturday night we booked a little hut just for us. After some excellent cheese and meat fondue, the chase was on sleds. We managed to arrive down at our bus without any major losses, except 3 dutchies, which were scared to hell, when we told the bus driver to start, once they arrived 🙂

(We Stoll took them with us – leave nobody behind 😉 )

Sunday we started with a sprint from Warth to Rüfikopfbahn in Lech to avoid getting stuck in a big queue. Our plan was to get up to the Woesterspitze (2.500m), where we arrived about noon after skinning for 1,5 – 2 hours. We were rewarded with excellent views and a 1.300m run down to Warth, where the bus shuttled us home to our cars.

Hiking Up to get powder runs

Drawing endless fresh powder lines with Powderchase

Besides all the nice powder runs, we also reunited two friends, which met the first time at this Powderchase weekend after 20 years not seeing each other. Powderchase – connecting like minded people (and apparently long lasting friends. That’s another new aspect of Powderchase – but we love it ! 🙂

Looking forward to our upcoming adventures and to see everybody again.